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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I upload my web data?
Depending on the method of web design, you can use FTP (your domain, port 21) for pre-built web sites, or you can publish your domain directly to the public_html directory with RV Site Builder (included with our web hosting service). An additional option for managing your data is by Web Disk, a feature in cPanel.
How do account limits work?

All storage, bandwidth and other account limits are based on monthly usage.

For example, if your account has 1 GB of Storage, you can use up to 1 GB at any time within any given month. You will not be allowed to go over - you will see a "quota" message if you try to go over your limit. Bandwidth works similarly, except you will not see your website or send/receive any email through the servers until the next billing cycle, or you can upgrade to meet your usage.

Can account limits be expanded dynamically?
No. It is the users' responsibility to manage their own accounts, monitor usage and upgrade when necessary. We are not responsible for any loss of web traffic, email or any other means of communication due to limits reached. This policy is the same for all providers.
What types of email are supported?

Your account supports webmail , POP3 and IMAP email. By default, your incoming and outgoing mail servers are mail.<yourdomain> (ie: - or, if your ISP does not allow third-party SMTP servers, please contact your ISP for their SMTP server information.

The incoming mail port is 110 and your outgoing port is 25, unless you are using your ISPs outgoing email server, in which case it may be different and you should contact them for the information.

We do not use any other security methods for email, so all SSL/TLS settings, as well as "outgoing authentication" settings should be set to "Auto" or none/disabled.

You may choose to use webmail. You can connect to your webmail by visiting <yourdomain>/webmail (ie: There are 3 webmail clients - Horde, RoundCube and Squirrelmail. If you are not sure which to use, we recommend RoundCube for ease-of-use.

If you do not know how to set up your mail client, you can find email setup tutorials by clicking here.

What does "SSL Optional" mean?
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Optional means if your website will be using SSL certification, you can purchase a dedicated IP address. Under IANA regulations, we would not normally issue a dedicated IP unless you have a different, valid reason. Please feel free to ask.
What exactly does 99.9% uptime mean? Do I get a credit if my service is down?

Although 99.9% uptime is a goal for any hosting provider, it is specific to unanticipated failure to deliver service. Scheduled maintenance is not downtime. Downtime is defined as unanticipated interuptions to your service, such as server failure, loss of connectivity, power equipment failures, etc. Downtime does not include mishaps on the users' end, such as receiving old or duplicate email over POP3 from implented changes or upgrades to our service, users' accidental deletion or overwriting of files to or from the server, or any other mishap beyond the reliability of equipment and service or the way software developers designed their software.

If you encounter an issue, please consult us on how you may fix the issue or prevent it from reoccuring. It is wise to make daily backups of your data, which is a fully functioning cPanel option.

Almost all providers meet 99.9% uptime annually, even with unanticpated incidents. Uptime is an average calculation for a 12-month period. Steady Flow Networks has an average annual uptime of 99.98% (greater than 99.9%) for the last 7-years. If for any reason uptime has not been met, we will issue a monetary credit at your next billing cycle.

How do I subscribe?

1) You can visit for Web Hosting packages, or for Email Hosting Packages. Once you've decided on what plan you want, click the "Purchase" link below the package details.

2) Select your billing period and region (Canada or US/Other). You can choose monthly at the regular price, or pre-pay for the entire year and receive a discount. If you sign up for the annual billing period, you will also receive the first month at a trial rate as an additional annual sign-up bonus, prior to your annual billing.

3) We use PayPal to process payments as a method to helping keep your credit card and personal information secure. You do not need an existing PayPal account to pay via PayPal - you may be prompted to subscribe during payment

4) After confirming payment, you will need to complete additional necessary details. Once submitted, we will set up your account. Please allow up to 24-hours for your account setup to be completed. This is rare, as nearly all accounts are set up within an hour or two.

How do I upgrade?
You may upgrade at any time. All that is required is for you to sign up for your new package and cancel your existing subscription. We will be notified of the change and refund the difference for the current month when we process the upgrade.
What does your billing appear as on my credit card or bank account?

Our billing appears on your statement as one of the following:




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